Vision and Hearing assistance is offered to those in finacial need, on a first come first served basis while funds remain. 
Applications may be optained by contacting the Sight and Hearing Chair of the Newport Lions Club or by downloading the forms from the links below. Please use only the current application. Using an incorrect application may cause your request to be rejected immediately.
Applicants must be residents of Newport, Toledo, Siletz or Eddyville, and meet finacial eligiblity criteria set by the Oregon Lions Sigfht and Hearing Foundation and the Newport Lions Club.
 Please read and carefully fill out the application accurately and completely. Mail the completed application to the Club in care of the Sight and Hearing Committee. Incomplete, illegible or inaccurate applications may be rejected immediately. The application must be accompanied by a cover letter explaining why the Club should provide assistance. Also all the required documentation must accompany the application. Once the application has been reviewed, the applicant will be informed of the Club's decision. We regret that we can not provide funding for everyone that applies. The approved applicant will be assigned to a specific provider to obtain their services. Funds are very limited, therefore only basic services are provided, and will only be provided once.

For those outside our service area, please call (971) 270-0203
Click here for Vision Application.*
Click here for a Hearing Application.*
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